Virtual Office Manager Program

An intimate training and support program for orthodontic Office Managers who want to grow their practice with leveraged systems and expert support.


Space is limited.

Because when your practice runs like a well-oiled machine, you get to focus on your expertise: putting more gorgeous smiles in the world.

From tactical training to mindset and support, the Virtual Office Manager Program is here for you.

● Hire (and even worse: FIRE) staff to support your practice

● Work with vendors to add value and revenue to your business

● Create systems in your office so it runs like a well-oiled machine

● Schedule intelligently because your time is precious and scarce

Invest in the Success of Your Office Manager and Your Team!

The Virtual Office Manager Program was created to provide you and your Office Manager with the management strategies you need to become a leader in your business -- and to address the unique challenges and concerns that orthodontists face.

We help orthodontists reclaim their time while also making more money in their practice, and even more importantly: feeling less alone and wildly supported while they’re at it.

What we’ve learned is that the biggest problem orthodontists keep running into is one that won’t fix itself.

If it seems like you don’t have enough time in the day to juggle being the doctor, and the manager, and the marketer, and the accountant… that’s because it’s true:

You don’t have enough time to do all of those jobs, because you’re only one person.

This is why we created the Virtual Office Manager Program.

Space is limited.

"My business has definitely grown because of what I’ve learned." - Dr. Shafeena Chatur

"They’re fun. They’re honest. They’re open. You want to know numbers. They will give you numbers."Dr. Lindsay Don

The good news is that this problem of "not enough time" can be fixed with simple efficiency strategies.

Having a practice that gives you life (instead of takes away from it) comes down to three key things:


Running and growing a practice that is both profitable and gives you more free time starts with what you believe. We’re here to help you become the leader that will shut off email at a certain time of day or day of week and allow their team to handle it because they both trust the staff they’ve hired and trained AND they believe they deserve that quality time with their family.


From marketing to office communication to payroll to patient intake -- having systems that run like a well-oiled machine gives you the gift of time. When your staff has a clear process to follow and understands their role in keeping things running, you get to focus on your expertise and know that everything else is handled.


You may feel lonely at times as a solo practitioner, but the fact is: you can’t accomplish your business goals all alone. Finding the right mentors, community, and team members is a key piece of the puzzle -- and we’re here to help with all of the above. We’ll guide you through hiring and training to set you up for success and provide you the sounding boards and experts so you don’t have to do this all alone.

When you have these pieces all playing well together, anything is possible.

And by “anything,” we mean growing your practice by 2, 3, or even 4 times.

Of course, results vary for everyone based on their personal desires, preferences, and willingness to implement what we teach.

However, we’re confident that with the right mindset, the right systems, and the right support, you can have…

● Multiple practice offices that run smoothly without you putting in all those extra “after-office” hours

● A steady flow of new patients to treat that you’re truly excited to work with and help

● Your dream team of motivated staff members, from the front desk to billing to your treatment coordinator

● Created 1000s more gorgeous smiles, boosted confidence, and received glowing reviews from happy patients

● The option to say “no” to challenging patients before you enroll them in a treatment plan

● Time back in your calendar for uninterrupted quality time with your friends, family, and vacations where you get to go truly off-the-grid for a whole week (or more)

We know what it takes to create and grow a sane, healthy orthodontic practice.

As a matter of fact, we have four ourselves.

Space is limited.

"I can’t think of two more passionate, kind, wonderful human beings. I think they really do their due diligence in terms of what works and what doesn’t." - Dr. Amani Mora

"I know I am always going to go back to my practice with new ideas and tips." Dr. Shireen Irani


This is for you IF…

●        You are looking for a safe space and support system for you and your office manager

●        You are ready to implement new strategies to create more time in your schedule and profit in your pocket

●        You are willing to show up and do the work it takes to grow

●        You are excited to learn, connect and see your practice transform to give you more freedom and peace of mind

●        You are willing and ready to grow (inside and out) to create a profitable practice that also gives you plenty of free time


This is NOT for you IF…

●        You’re not willing to look at your own mindset and how that may be getting in the way of you achieving your goals

●        You think you already know ‘all you need’ to get where you want to go with your orthodontic practice

●        You’re not open to learning or trying new strategies in order to maximize your time or create healthier work-life balance

●        You don’t want support and camaraderie

●        You are not willing to invest in your practice or your employees

About Nicole McFarlane

Nicole McFarlane

Nicole McFarlane is the Office Manager of Dunn Orthodontics and a mother of two young boys. Nicole joined the Dunn Orthodontics team in October 2014 as a Scheduling Coordinator and quickly demonstrated her leadership and business acumen. By the summer of 2015, she had accepted the role as Office Manager. Nicole now manages a very busy two-doctor, four-location practice with 25+ employees. Dunn Orthodontics was listed among the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies and the Phoenix Business Journal’s Largest Family-Owned Businesses.

In addition to her duties for Dunn Orthodontics, Nicole is an accomplished consultant and speaker. She is a frequent contributor at the Women in Orthodontics® Conference as well as Elite Mastermind and Alumni Mastermind events.

Space is limited.


Monthly Training Calls

Once per month, Nicole will meet with you, your Office Manager or other key team members through Zoom. Review KPIs, learn management, and mindset strategies -- ask her anything -- and access the call recording for a refresher (or if you simply can’t make the live time) any time throughout the year.


Unlimited Q&A

Have a burning question between training calls?  Send Nicole an email! You won’t have to do any of this alone!


An Entire Year of Coaching & Guidance

Get all of the custom help you need to hit your practice goals in 2021 and beyond.


The Dunn Orthodontics Management Framework

Learn the systems we personally use to grow and manage a profitable orthodontic practice.

We’re confident that the training provided in this program will help you grow your practice -- which is why we’re so excited to meet and support you!

Space is limited.

A note from Courtney & Matthew Dunn

Dr. Matthew Dunn & Dr. Courtney Dunn at Inc 5000

We understand the challenge of trying to run and grow an orthodontic practice intimately -- and we’re TWO people! We remember hitting a point when we opened our second office and hit 9 employees and just trying to manage everything was like two full-time jobs. We were working nights and weekends to keep up with all of the H.R. needs like hiring, firing, training, financials, and administrative systems and needs. Then, we opened a third office and it became immediately clear that we’d never be able to sustain our current workflow alone. After interviewing our current employees, it became clear that Nicole was the best fit for the position -- we promoted her from front desk person and met every week for 90 minutes to go over everything across all three practices. It did take work and effort to figure out and create her role and prepare her to step into it, but with her help, we’ve been able to take so much pressure and work off of ourselves -- and ultimately created a much better environment for everyone in our offices. Having Nicole handle the hiring, firing, training and financials so we can come into work and focus on being doctors has been an absolute game-changer for us -- which is why we’re so adamant about teaching other orthodontists to do this too. It’s easy to want to do it all yourself because we’re used to multi-tasking, spinning plates, and taking care of everyone all the time. But your success depends upon you having the right support in your practice. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to give your practice (and life) the upgrade it (and you) deserve.

Space is limited.


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